Cee-Cee's Sweet Creations  - Cupcakes, Cake Push-Up Pops, and Standard Cakes
Cee-Cee's Sweet Creations is booked from
March 6th thru March 27th
July 3rd thru July 8th
We are not accepting any additional orders for these dates.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Cee-Cee's Sweet Creations prides itself on offering a wide variety of cake and icing flavors at an affordable price. Choose from a variety of standard flavors. We also specialize in all flavor combinations.

All cupcakes are $30.00 plus tax, unless otherwise stated.
An order includes 20 regular size cupcakes (increments of 10 can be added after the 20 minimum has been met), or 60 bite-size minis (minis are sold 60 of one cake flavor). Prices for all products, services, and/or delivery fees are subject to change without notice.
All My Joy
Banana Pudding 
Bomp Pop (seasonal May-Sept only)
Candy Corn (seasonal Oct-Nov only)
Caramel Apple (seasonal Oct-Nov only)
Cheesecake topped with cherries, strawberries, or turtle (chocolate, pecans, & caramel)
Chinese 5 Spice 
Chocolate with Chocolate, Cookies-N-Cream, Cream Cheese, Mint, Peanut Butter, or White
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Crunch
Cinnamon Toast 
Egg Nog (seasonal Oct-Dec only)
French Vanilla 
German Chocolate
Golden Cookies and Cream 
Hot Fudge Sundae
Key Lime
Key Lime Cheesecake
Lemon (plain) w Cream Cheese or Lemon Icing 
Lemon Meringue 
Orange Dream 
Peanut Butter and Jelly (Grape or Strawberry) 
Peppermint (seasonal Nov-Dec only)
Pink Champagne 
Red Velvet 
Strawberry Cheesecake Shortcake (Full orders of 20 only)
Strawberry w Cream Cheese or Strawberry Icing 
Strawberry Lemonade 
Strawberry Shortcake
Watermelon (seasonal May-Sept only) 
White w Cream Cheese or Vanilla Icing  
Yellow w Chocolate Icing 
Specialty Flavors
Amaretto ($40.00 for 20 cupcakes) Shooters are $5.00 extra
Hennessey ($40.00 for 20 cupcakes) Shooters are $5.00 extra
Mali-Boo ($40.00 for 20 cupcakes) Shooters are $5.00 extra
New-A-Politan ($40.00 for 20 cupcakes)
Patron Margarita ($40.00 for 20 cupcakes) Shooters are $5.00 extra
Pina Colada ($40.00 for 20 cupcakes) Shooters are $5.00 extra 
Tie Dye (3 cake colors max and 2 icing colors max) $35.00 for 20 cupcakes
Chocolate Covered Rice Crispies
12 crispies dipped in one color of chocolate, coordinating sprinkles, a white stick, and individually plastic wrapped, with silver twist tie $20.00.
Other color sticks and ribbons are extra.

Cake Push-Up Pops
$30.00 for 12 pops and the display stand. One cake flavor and one icing flavor. 
$60.00 for 24 pops and the display stand. One cake flavor and one icing flavor.

Cake Pops-white stick, dipped in milk, white, or colored chocolate, white stick, individually wrapped, and tied with a silver twist tie.
Cake pops CANNOT be ordered alone. You must order another item from CCSC. If you order cupcakes along with cake pops, your cake pops must be one of the flavors of your cupcakes. No flavors with fillings, cocktail, or speciality can be made in cake pop form.
12 for $24.00 (1 cake flavor, 1 color chocolate, & coordinating sprinkles)
24 for $48.00 (1 cake flavor, 2 colors chocolate & coordinating sprinkles)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Seasonal)
$22.00 per pound (generally 15-20 strawberries depending on size)
Choose an assortment of toppings (Oreos, pecans, coconut, and/or graham crackers). One chocolate option (milk, white, or colored) comes standard.
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
30 pretzels w 2 colors of chocolate $20 (on a platter, WITH the purchase of cupcakes)
30 pretzels w 2 colors of chocolate $22 (on a platter, WITHOUT the purchase of cupcakes)
30 pretzels w 2 colors of chocolate $25 (individually wrapped, WITH the purchase of cupcakes)
30 pretzels w 2 colors of chocolate $27 (individually wrapped, WITHOUT the purchase of cupcakes)
Fondant Cupcake Toppers
Prices are in the Sweets Gallery
All My Joy $35.00 (6 inch round, 2 layers)
Amaretto $35.00 (bundt cake)
Bailey's Irish Cream $35.00 ($3.00 extra for fresh strawberries in the center) (bundt cake)
Carrot w Cream Cheese Glaze $35.00 (bundt cake)
Chocolate w Chocolate Glaze $30 ($3.00 extra for fresh strawberries in the center) (bundt cake)
Cookies-N-Cream Drip Cake $45.00 (6 inch round, 2 layers)
5 Flavor (lemon, butter, coconut, vanilla, & rum) w or w/o pecans $30.00 (bundt cake)
7-Up Cake $30.00 (bundt cake)
German Chocolate $30.00 (9 inch round, 2 layers)
Half Birthday Smash for Children (6 inch, 2 layers) $25.00
Hennessey $45.00 (6 inch round, 2 layers)
Lemon w Cream Cheese Glaze $35.00 (bundt cake)
Rosette Cake (flower design on outside) $35.00 (9 inch round, 2 layers)
Rum w rum glaze and with or w/o pecans $30.00 (bundt cake)
Smash cake for children $15.00 (6 inch round, 1 layer)
Strawberry w Strawberry Glaze $30 ($3.00 extra for fresh strawberries in the center) (bundt cake)
Strawberry Lemonade $33 ($3.00 extra for fresh strawberries in the center) (bundt cake)
Please visit the Sweets Gallery page to view pictures of my creations.
Cee-Cee's Sweet Creations has the right to refuse service to anyone.
Customer Rewards Program
Place 5 full orders (one order is defined as 20 cupcakes or 1 cake) and your 6th order is free ($30.00 value for 20 standard cupcakes or 1 bundt cake). The 6th order may not be redeemed at the same time as the 5th qualifying order has been fulfilled.
Ex. You may not place 5 orders for one day and redeem the 6th order on the same day. 
Due to the number of customers we have, Cee-Cee’s Sweet Creations is unable to keep track of how many orders you have placed.  Each customer is responsible for supplying their card at the time of their order to receive credit and credit will not be given after the fact. The card will not be replaced if lost or stolen and it must be given back to CCSC upon redemption. Free orders cannot be redeemed within 3 days (before or after) a holiday, as a rush order, on any character or speciality cupcakes or cakes, pretzels, push-up-pops, or strawberries. You can save your rewards card and redeem at any time, but only one card can  be redeemed at a time. One flavor is guaranteed.  Additional flavors will depend on availability.
*Program terms may change and/or program may end w/o notice.